shopbtc - About Us

The Bitcoin Ecosystem is Open Source and its continued success relies on contributions of its users to the platform through new Products and Services.

At Shopbtc it is our mission to contribute to Bitcoin by creating high quality products that are functional for daily use and serve Bitcoiners as ways to express their admiration of Bitcoin. Our products are also intended to serve as fun convsersation starters. 

Profits from Shopbtc will be reinvested back into our mission and will allow us to 

  • Create more products
  • Publish Internationally available learning materials about Bitcoin
  • Produce advertisements to help spread Bitcoin
  • and more


Product quality is extremely important to us at Shopbtc, and we spend a lot of time creating designs and sourcing products to hold that value. If you are not absolutely satisfied with your items purchased from Shopbtc we will do everything we can to make it right.