shopbtc - Products We Like

At we're Bitcoin users at our core, and we have used and found products that we like and don't like in the space. Below you will find products and services that we ourselves use every day.


One of the most important things in Bitcoin is understanding how it works, how you use it, and what services there are to use. It is important that you do a lot of research to understand Bitcoin in order to keep your coins safe. Below are some trusted resources that we like and are a good place to start. Always double check anything you read to confirm it is true.


Bitcoin Exchanges are places where you can go to exchange Fiat Currency for Bitcoin. Below are exchanges that we use and continue to use.


Bitcoin Wallets allow you to take custody of your bitcoin. Taking Self Custody is one of the most important things you can with your bitcoin. Below are Bitcoin wallets that we like.

Bearer Instruments

Bitcoin bearer instruments are a way to transact with bitcoin of-chain and offline. They allow you to hand bitcoin to someone and they can trust that you have no way to steal it from them in the digital world.


Bitcoin Custodians are basically Bitcoin Banks. Their major offers are Interest on holding your Bitcoin with them, or loans in Bitcoin. Many Custodians like this will offer you great interest on your Bitcoin, sometimes over 6.0% APY.